Laura Voorhees, MSE

Positive Music Coach

Hi! I am Laura Voorhees, and I have enjoyed teaching music in various scenarios for about 38 years. 

My connection to music was rooted when I started taking piano lessons as an eight year-old. I recall my mother offering piano lessons, probably motivated by my random exploration of the keys on our piano.

I became a choir director and organist for a small, rural church when I was 16, sharing what I knew of vocal music with adults old enough to be my parents or grandparents!

I went on to earn my Bachelor and Master of Music Education degrees from Ithaca College, and since those college days I have taught private piano for 25 years and taught vocal, instrumental and General Music in public schools for 23 years, ranging from pre-K to high school.

I have been married to my husband, Scott (also a public school teacher, math) for 29 years. Together we have two adult children (Victoria, 26; Austin, 24) who both were active in their school’s music and theater programs, and continue their involvement as adults.

As a teacher, I am delighted to share my passion about music with my students, and I feel the most satisfaction when I sense my students making that relationship to music for themselves, and find pleasure in the learning process.

It would be MY pleasure to help YOU foster this positive relationship between music and your child!

When I am not teaching, you might find me in the kitchen baking, outside caring for my gardens, or out on the local park trails, enjoying nature as a recreational runner.