Health and Nutrition Consultant 

Darilyn has been a health and fitness professional for 5 years. She provides personalized nutrition coaching, online coaching, and in-person training. Darilyn has worked with various age groups from teens to older adults. Darilyn’s goal is to help people feel good about themselves not only physically, but mentally. She advocates for personal development, positive affirmations, and all things that help fill your cup positively. Her coaching principles ensure that all clients enjoy their journey, learn sustainable habits that will turn into a lifestyle, and find balance in the process. 

Darilyn has a Masters degree in Information Design and Technology and a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Information design. She is a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition and has received her personal training certificate through ACE. Darilyn is always working with health and fitness professionals and continues to stay up to date with books and other helpful sources.

When Darilyn is not training clients or running her smoothie bar, she enjoys being outdoors. She loves the sun and springtime is her favorite season. Darilyn likes to read thrilling, suspense books and is in a book club! Darilyn enjoys self care days and LOVES to get her daily movement in through exercise.