Carine Feist, MPH

Health and Nutrition Consultant

Carine Feist holds a Master’s degree (MPH) in Epidemiology from New York Medical College and has completed Cornell University programs in Nutrition and Healthy Living, Wellness Counseling, and Plant Based Nutrition. She has also been certified in Public Health Leadership Training by New York State and has completed the American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s Lifestyle Medicine and Food as Medicine program and anticipates continuing her post-graduate education to become Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

Carine has provided training in community nutrition programs and has taught culinary nutrition to medical students, cancer patients, and caregivers. She has studied culinary arts with several renowned chefs, established a nutritional consulting and catering business, and is a contributing author and editor for several publications. Carine is a Chef/Educator at Cornell University and has taught at Westchester County Farmers Markets, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, and several community organizations.

Carine assists clients and their families with wellness and recipe development using local produce and seasonal ingredients for easy-to-prepare highly-nutritious meals aligned with your medical provider’s dietary guidelines. She also provides emotional support and life coaching to individuals and family members who are dealing with chronic diseases or want a healthy lifestyle.